Leslie Ratliff
Keller Williams

Helping Buyers Achieve Their Goals

My Role In This Process:

  • Trusted Advisor, to guide Clients successfully through the entire buying process.
  • Real Estate Expert, providing Clients with a wealth of real estate expertise and experience so that the Client can make informed decisions.
  • Resources, for everything from referrals of mortgage experts, home inspectors and contractors, to school districts and neighborhoods.

Your Role In This Process:

  • Have an open, honest dialogue with me as your agent. This includes communicating any changes to your requirements, timing of purchase, etc.
  • Complete the pre-approval process so that our search is targeted and you are well informed about available loans, rates and terms.
  • Communicating availability to look at properties in person, and looking at properties on open house, if possible.

Why Work With Me?

  • I am committed to my clients and their best interest while being sensitive to their needs.
  • I have earned a sterling reputation in the community and in the real estate industry
  • I am very hard working and detail oriented in a business, which requires great attention to detail.
  • I have excellent business savvy and negotiating skills.
  • My clients’ offers have been selected in numerous situations, not because my client wrote the best offer, but because the listing agent wanted to work with me. The listing agent had confidence that I would close the transaction successfully.
  • I have an excellent team of professionals to ensure a smooth transaction for my clients


The Buying Process
And What To Expect

Working Together Towards a Desired Goal:

  • Why do you want to move?
  • Investment purchase?
  • What is your desired timeframe to purchase?
  • How long have you been looking and have you seen anything you like?
  • What is your price range?
  • What neighborhoods are you interested in?
  • Describe to me your “dream home.” For example:
  1. How many bedrooms?
  2. Home many bathrooms?
  3. Home office?
  4. Entertainment room?
  5. Fireplace?
  6. Garage?
  7. Pool?
  8. Turnkey or remodel?
  9. Layout… open, formal or private?
  10. Outdoor space… big or small yard? Fenced?
  11. Style of home… modern, Mediterranean, traditional, other?
  12. Community – schools, distance to work, shops, recreation, etc.


  • Contact loan advisor.
  • Determine the down payment you have available and monthly mortgage payment you’re comfortable with.
  • Discuss various loan options.
  • Check credit report/FICO credit score through loan advisor.
  • Get pre-approved.

Why Is Pre-Approval Important?

  • Pre-approval determines the maximum amount you can spend on a purchase before you shop, so you know what rice range to target.
  • A pre-approval loan letter submitted with an offer indicated a secure bid to seller.
  • Pre-approval gives buyers bargaining power.

Property Search:

  • Your desired parameters will be put into a MLS search engine and I will personally monitor properties that fit your criteria.
  • You will receive constant updates regarding new listings and price changes.
  • I will schedule a “Property Tour” on your behalf, making appointments for properties that match your needs.
  • I will personally accompany you on the tour, providing you with detailed knowledge of the property.

Comparative Market Analysis:

  • I will provide you with property and neighborhood details: How long had the property been on the market, has the been any price changes, how does the property compare in price to others in the neighborhood?

Making An Offer And Negotiating

  • Once ready to make an offer, I will guide the buyer through “Purchase Process” so that each step is clear and understandable.
  • Negotiate buyer’s offer to the best of my ability to get seller to agree to an accepted offer.
  • Keep buyer fully informed during each step of the process.
  • After accepted offer, schedule a home inspection to evaluate condition of home.
  • Follow up with the buyer’s mortgage broker to make sure the appraisal gets done in a timely manner.
  • Ensure buyer is give all disclosure and forms before contingencies are removed.
  • Assist in any repair scheduling for buyer.
  • Schedule final walk-through one week before closing.
  • Provide neighborhood and utility service information to ensure a successful move-in for buyer.


The Key to a Successful Home Purchase

Together, we will sit down to discuss the type, size, style, timing and location of the home you are interested in purchasing. After extensive research on my part, we will preview homes together that fit you preferences. As we go through these homes, I will ask you to be open and honest about your impressions and feelings, so that I have a better understanding of your likes and dislikes. That communication will help us to narrow down the search for your new home.

We may find your home on our first day out together, but if not, I will keep you appraise of any new homes that come on the market that you might be interested in. I will set you up on Client Gateway, a program that notifies you the minute a house goes on the market that meets your criteria.

In the meantime (unless you are making an “all cash” purchase), you will be expected to meet with the lender of your choice, and complete the financial information required to obtain a loan. The lender will then provide me with a letter of your credit worthiness, that I will present with your offer to purchase your home.

Once we have found your home, we will prepare the purchase contract together and I will negotiate with the seller and their agent to get the best possible price and terms for the house.

If accepted, we then open escrow and our inspections/due diligence begins for a standard of 17 days. It is my responsibility to make sure you discover everything you can about the home you are about to purchase. If at any time you find something that you are not satisfied with during those 17 days, you will receive your full deposit back with no questions asked.

You will benefit from all my experience at not cost to you. As you know, many buyers are unaware that my commission comes from the seller.

I look forward to working with you. Often good friendships are made during this time, which last for a lifetime!

Benefits of Buyer Agency

The agency disclosure that you will receive when we prepare an offer to purchase a property spells out the fiduciary duties an agent must fulfill for the seller and the buyer.  Buyers have the option of being represented exclusively by their own agent. When we complete the Buyer/Broker agreement, you will receive the following benefits.

The real estate agent must act in the interest of the buyer.

Must follow the lawful instructions of the buyer.

Example of, but not limited to:

  • Relationships between agent and other parties.
  • Existence of other offers.
  • Status of earnest money.
  • Seller’s financial condition.
  • Property’s true worth.
  • Legal effects of important contract provisions.

Any discussions, facts or information that should not be revealed to others.

Reporting location of any money place in the hand of the agent.


  • Discovery and disclosure of material facts.
  • Investigating material facts relating to the sale.